Thursday, August 6, 2009

#The Wizard

I picked these up on @Deepak_Chopra's twitter feed, found them pretty interesting:

#In India we still believe that wizards exist. What is a wizard? Not someone who can simply perform magic but who can cause transformation.

#A wizard can turn fear to joy, frustration to fulfillment.

#A wizard can turn the time-bound into the timeless.about

#A wizard can carry you beyond limitations into the boundless.

#In the West, a wizard is primarily thought to be a magician who practices alchemy. Alchemy also exists in India.

#The word alchemy is really a code word.

#It stands for turning human beings into gold, turning our base qualities of fear, ignorance, hatred & shame into love & fulfillment

#So, a teacher who can teach you how to turn yourself into a free, loving person is an alchemist and has always been one.

#The way of the wizard doesn't exist in time--it is everywhere and nowhere. It belongs to everyone and no one.

#I want you to reclaim what is already yours. Here is the first lesson: A wizard exists in all of us.

#This wizard sees & knows everything.

#Why do we need the wizards way? We need it to lift us from the ordinary & the humdrum to the kind of significance we tend to relegate 2 myth

#Being alive means winning the right to say anything you want, to be who you want to be, to do what you want to do.

#All of us want to expand in love & creativity, to explore our spiritual nature yet often we fall short We lock ourselves into our own prison

#You are the unconditioned spirit trapped into conditions, like the sun in eclipse. -Rumi

#This is the voice of the wizard, who will not accept that humans are limited in time & space. We are just temporarily in eclipse.

#The purpose of learning from a wizard is finding the wizard within. Having found the inner guide you've found yourself.

#The self is the ever-shining sun that may be in eclipse, but once the shadow passes, the sun is simply there in all its glory.

#The wizard is beyond opposites of light and dark, good and evil, pleasure and pain.

#Everything the wizard sees has it roots in the unseen world.about 21 hours ago from web

#Nature reflects the moods of the wizard.

#The body and the mind may sleep, but the wizard is always awake.

#The wizard possesses the secret of immortality.

#The wizard's way is the way of the spirit. But spirituality isn't opposed to rationality; it is the larger framework that reason fits into.

#When you realize that the entire universe can be found inside you, you will be a wizard. You don't live in the world, the world lives in you

#Look beyond your limited self to see your unlimited self. Pierce the mask of mortality and find the wizard. It is inside you and only there.

#Before the seeing comes the feeling that there is more to life than what you are living It's like a faint voice that whispers, "Find me."

#The voice that calls is unemotional, peaceful, content within itself-and elusive. It is the wizard's voice but also your own.

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